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Behind the Camera
Who is Amanda Aaron...

Total chaos some would think. My life is full. Full of fun, laughter, and animals. My main job is mom. I have two beautiful children; Boston and Bankston. My husband, Blake is my main cheerleader. We have a small farm of 4 goats, 3 dogs, and 2 chickens. I am a nurse. Parkland has been my nurse home for 10 years. Photography is my favorite hobby. I've been learning and engaging in photography since I was on the year book committee in high school. I started a business when I realized that I wanted to make my mark as a photographer. My goal is to capture the moment just as it is. Whether it's laughter or tear. Raw emotion is what I thrive on. I love people. Kids are my thing, so I love to involve them and make them feel comfortable during a shoot. I want everyone to walk away from the shoot feeling happy and smiling at the thought of seeing the photos that are to come. 

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